Fun matches are all about FUN ! They are a great way to test your handling skills and see where your dogs obstacle performance skill levels are at. We try and simulate a real trial environment but with the added bonus of being able to have food and toys in the ring. Having the ability to reward your dog after each obstacle or being able to reward your dog after they cross the finish line. 

Rave offers several fun matches throughout the year. Check back often. Upcoming fun matches will be posted here and on our calendar.

Each dog will get 2 minutes on course per run. 

2 runs available
$10 for 1 course
$15 for both 

The added bonus of fun matches is the fun learning environment. 

We will cover starters standard agility competition rules for all those first timers. 

What do you need for a fun match ?

  • Super fun attitude !

  • Crate for your dog (crate cover for those who cry) or a chewy bone or mental toy (or you can crate dogs in your vehicle).

  • Chair for yourself

  • Treats ( high visible) orange or white cheese make great rewards on the dark surface.

  • Toys

  • Water bowl


In order for fun matches to simulate a trail we need volunteers. There are lots of jobs that need to be filled when it is not your turn running in the ring. 

Ring crew spots that need to be filled:

  • Bar setters

  • Timer

  • Leash runner

  • Gate person

If your dog isn't ready for a fun match leave your dog at home and come learn by your self how to walk and read  a course map, volunteer and learn the ins and out of a trial. 

We hope to see you there! 

Fun agility matches